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EuCI offers the simplest path to the certification you need.

We mainly deal with Certification of Business Management Systems. The certifications we will issue you are a third party guarantee, synonymous with safety and reliability. Our mission is to create added value for our customers through company certification, strengthening their competitive strength in their reference market.


We issue certifications for:

ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Systems

Environmental Systems ISO 14001: 2015

ISO 45001: 2018 Worker Safety Systems

And much more … find out by clicking on “ CERTIFICATIONS


What do the big companies need?


There’s no question that the daily activity of large companies requires them to adopt different approaches and more complex procedures than those of small and medium enterprises. That’s why something that would be no big deal for a small company can often become a slow and burdensome process for a large one. The same holds true also for certifying bodies.

Often, those who certify others themselves have complex, convoluted and overly bureaucratic methods that unhelpfully draw out the certification process.

The certifying body also often struggles to carry out the necessary checks within the time-frame required by the applying company. On other occasions, even once the checks have been successfully carried out, it can take several weeks to receive the official certification. The larger the certifying body, the longer each step takes in the process and the more complex the procedure becomes.

EuCI knows that the certifications are often an urgent matter for companies in order to be eligible to apply for tenders and competitions. That’s why its methods have evolved over the years, to allow companies of every size, type and sector to receive the certifications for which they are eligible in minimal time.

Eligible for a certification and need it urgently?

Choose the fastest certification method!

EuCI offers a process that is guaranteed to be quick and simple. This includes:

  • Quote within 24 hours of your application
  • Low fees: a simple structure enables EuCI to reduce the costs for the client, providing a more favourable certification process
  • Availability of an auditor within 7 days of the initial request
  • If the committee confirms the […] without any further conditions, EuCI will send official confirmation of the certification within 72 hours of successful completion of the checks


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